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Island Taggart

Island Taggart is one of the largest islands in Strangford Lough (92 acres) at one mile long and a quarter of a mile wide it is the property of the National Trust and visitors are welcome by arrangement with the National Trust.  It lies of the western shore of Strangford Lough between Ringdufferin directly to its north and Killyleagh to the south. On this island with two drumlins there are the remains of one farm-house and three cottages; a well; kelp kiln with corbelled roof; orchard; hedgerows and ruinous stone walls.

This was an inhabited island until Mr David (Davey) Calvert left Island Taggart in 1967 in 1821 there were 3 houses on the island and 23 inhabitants.

Old farm buildings give a good indication of how life was on the island which was intensely farmed and, indeed, it was used by Little Bird Films as a location for filming ‘December Bride’ a story about County Down folk at the turn of the 19th century.

The wide range of habitat types provided by pasture-land, scrub, hedgerows, marsh, foreshore and woodland ensure that the island is exceptionally attractive to wildlife.

There are good anchorages off the eastern shore and at the north-west corner of the island, depending on the weather, although care on a falling tide is advisable.

Beware of livestock on this island.