Places to go

Gibbs Island

Gibbs Island is located in the western side of Strangford Lough and can be accessed via the water (Quoile estuary) or by foot via a permanent pedestrain causeway, the island is owned by the National Trust and visitors are welcome.  If travelling by car park there is limited parking at the end of Island Road.

The island measures approximately 500m x 300m and is oval in shape in  the centre of the island there is a scots pine woodland with a path running through and another circling this little piece of heaven. From the South of the island the Quoile Yacht Club is visible and the Mourne Mountains.  There is access to Delamont Country Park from Gibbs Island and within Delamont Country Park there is access to the   Strangford Lough Canoe Trail

At times cattle graze the island so beware and there is soft mud on the shore so beware and adhere to any signs.