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Ballyhenry Island – walking and diving

Ballyhenry Island is a small tidal island owned by the National Trust.

This small island is located approximately 1.5 miles north of Portaferry on the eastern shore of Strangford Lough. You can find it by following the Loughshore Road out of Portaferry for approximatley 1.5 miles, limited parking is available on the road side.

It is easily accessible at low tide with a boulder shore, please consult the tide table before visiting as it is cut off at high tide.  The Island is only approximately 200m x 200m and tends to be covered in long grass.

During the 1940’s the  Empire Tana was being brought into Strangford Lough to be scrapped when she struck a reef on the southern coast of the Island and has since broke into two (the Inner and Outer Lees), locally the wreck is known as Lee’s Wreck and is a very popular diving site.

Watch Kate Humble dive the Lees Wreck

Ballyhenry island