Share the Shore - Protect our Overwintering Birds

Advice for Winter Shore Visits.

Every Autumn and Winter, September to March, we are treated to the spectacle of thousands fo over-wintering birds coming to our shores from colder climes. They arrive with their young, tired and hungry and they need to rest and feed. The birds have a small window to do this as they can only feed on the shore as the tide goes out. Every time they are forced to take flight they expend a great deal of energy and lose valuable feeding time. So remember…..

Keep your distance

The birds will continue to feed as long as you keep a reasonable distance from them

Keep your dog under control

Dogs are the greatest cause of disturbance to over-wintering birds. The best way to do this is to keep them on a lead and away from the feeding and roosting birds in winter.

Watch and enjoy

If you follow the advice above you can enjoy the experience without causing harm. It is up to all of us to look after our wildlife and ensure these fascinating birds will return to our shores for the enjoyment of future generations.

Alternative winder dog walking sites

As part of this project, we have now created an interactive map, providing those wishing to enjoy walking their dogs with details of alternative sites away from the shore at this time of year (September to March). Included are some options for off-leash dog exercising. Clicking on the dog icon on the map reveals a pop-up of the relevant information.


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