Museum learning

Museum learning

Step into the past and learn how people lived in times gone by! Museums are a great choice for school trip destinations, covering a variety of curriculum subjects. Our museums are home to relics of culture and lifestyle in the local area and date back to the earliest settlements. They offer unique and engaging visits for students to experience and understand the past, and a nice time away from the textbooks!

Newry & Mourne Museum 

Newry & Mourne Museum provides a range of Living History workshops for primary school age based on the history of the Newry and Mourne area. The ‘Living History’ workshops the Museum have devised for schools so that pupils can learn more about the past in an interactive and enjoyable way. These currently include sessions based on life in Victorian times and World War 2.

Down County Museum 

Down County Museum  provides curriculum linked learning sessions for Foundation Stage, KS1, KS2 and KS3 pupils. Our hands-on education programmes are designed to meet the areas of The World Around Us, Language and Literacy, the Arts, Religious Education, PDMU. Check out the Geology Trail at Down County Museum

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Saint Patrick’s Centre

The Saint Patrick’s Centre welcomes thousands of students every year. Your visit will start with a guided Exhibition Tour, Imax Cinema with 180 flights around Ireland and is followed by a living history workshop. Relive the story of Irelands Patron Saint, get dressed up and take on the roles of the characters in Patricks life. We also offer a workshop that allows children to meet the Vikings, learn about how they lived, fought and died.

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